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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hot Shots: Double Agents Edition

Israeli Spy's Lonely Death: New questions arose from a report published yesterday revealing the possible cause behind the Israeli imprisonment of Mossad agent Ben Zygier.

The Australia-born Zygier, who allegedly committed suicide in 2010, after two years in solitary confinement, “may have inadvertently revealed details of one of Israel’s most important intelligence-gathering networks,” according to Sheera Frenkel of McClatchy Newspapers, reporting on a joint investigation by Australia’s Fairfax Media and Germany’s Der Spiegel.

“According to Fairfax Media, Australia’s largest newspaper publisher, and Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine, which conducted a joint investigation into the case, Zygier unwittingly handed over Israeli intelligence files to a man he thought he was turning into a double agent for Israel,” Frenkel reported.

“Zygier, the news organizations claimed, thought that by turning the man into a a double agent he’d win the approval of his bosses at the Mossad and be promoted within the spy agency. Instead, Zygier gave away information that included the identities of two of the Mossad’s best informants in Lebanon.

"Zygier wanted to achieve something that he didn’t end up getting," the report said, quoting an unidentified highly placed Israeli official. "He crossed paths with someone who was much more professional than he was."

Monday, October 8, 2012

Australia Whitewashes FBI Undercover Probe of US Navy Whistleblower

A Pink Panther-style undercover FBI operation last year against a former U.S. Navy whistle-blower living in Australia was proper, Canberra’s defense ministry says--a finding promptly rejected by the country’s own federal police.

The rare public row erupted after the redacted defense ministry report was obtained and published over the weekend by Australia’s Fairfax Media organization, owner of the Sidney Morning Herald and several other prominent news outlets.

The defense ministry report claims that the Australian Federal Police, or AFP,  had given permission for an FBI agent to visit the Canberra home of Gwenyth Todd, a former Pentagon, White House and U.S. Navy national security adviser, and question her.

Todd, now married to an Australian military officer, had blown the whistle on a secret plan by top US navy admirals in 2007 to spring a confrontational fleet maneuver on Iran.