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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Veterans Subjected to Drug Experiments Still Bound by Secrecy Oaths

Military veterans who were subjected to unwitting tests of mind-control drugs are still bound by secrecy oaths not to discuss their decades-old ordeals, according to a law suit filed on their behalf in San Francisco.

The suit, brought on behalf of eight ex-GIs and two veterans service groups charges that the military victims of the “human testing programs” were forced to sign secrecy oaths that have never been revoked, and “were denied Notice and medical care, and had their constitutional rights violated by the Secrecy Oaths.”

It demands that the Army, Veterans Administration and CIA track down the victims and release them from the oaths, which in any case should be void because the veterans weren't informed of what was being done to them, the suit says

The suit also says that unknown thousands of veterans may not know that health problems they developed in subsequent years could be traced to the secret experiments, which were carried out by the Army as far back as World War One. Throughout the Cold War, the Army and CIA tested mood-altering and mind-control drugs like LSD on unwitting veterans and civilians. The VA, responsible for veterans health care, took part in experiments, the suit says.