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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Broadwell's Petraeus Book Rushing to Paperback

Penquin Books is working overtime to rush out the paperback version of Paula Broadwell’s infamous biography, “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,” according to an industry insider.

Hey, it’s a business.

Surely not far behind: A tell-all about her affair with the legendary ex-general. (“All Out”?)  After that, it's not hard to see a cable movie, even a talk show, advice column, beauty tips and TV commercials in her future.

What a great country.

And it would hardly be a surprise.

According to voluminous news reports, including today’s riveting Washington Post story on Broadwell’s dizzying accent through the capitol’s military and think-tank elites, the comely West Point grad and long distance jogger is quite the striver, shedding prevarications in her resume like so many candy wrappers.

Speaking of which, Penguin might consider editing her author’s bio on its web page.

DC Insiders Raved Over Broadwell-Petraeus Book--But Not Real Readers

Back in the day, the late, great satire magazine “Spy” had a hilarious standing feature, “Logrolling in Our Time,” which needled famous authors for scratching each others’ backs with irrationally effusive blurbs -- “riveting,” masterful,” “epic,” “moving” and the like.

Of course, helping a friend cannot be said to be anything but honorable, especially in such a wretched industry as publishing. But the great unwashed who actually buy a book based on the raves of the famous might understandably be upset when it turns out to be not so great after all.

Such, evidently, is the case with Paula Broadwell’s now infamous biography of her erstwhile FWB David Petraeus, “All In.”

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ex-CIA Officers Question Obama Critic's Spying Claims

A columnist for the right-wing Human Events magazine who touts himself as a former CIA paramilitary officer is almost certainly an imposter, according to retired agency operatives and other experts.

In his rants against the Obama administration and the U.S "ruling class," Franklin “Cork” Graham claims he went to El Salvador as a freelance photojournalist in the mid-1980s and was recruited by the CIA. For four years, he says,  he was "deployed as a paramilitary officer."

“As a former CIA paramilitary operations officer, I worked for two of your predecessors,“ Graham claimed in a July 26 “open letter” to President Obama decrying the prosecution of an agency employee on charges of torturing a detainee.  “One was a staunch defender of the U.S. Constitution,” he writes, apparently referring to Ronald Reagan. “The other was more occupied with the New World Order,” apparently George H. W. Bush.

“During that time I also worked for two different Directors of Central Intelligence,” Graham goes on to claim. “One was a man I respected greatly” -- an apparent reference to William Casey -- “one who understood the origins and importance of the Central Intelligence Agency and the real threat of our greatest enemy of the last century.”

But according to retired former CIA officer Merle Pribbenow, everything the Belmont, Calif.-based Graham shares about himself-- including pictures on his personal Web site -- undercuts his claims.